Saenz of Relief: Mayor Saenz’s Top Contender La Gordiloca Drops Out of Mayoral Race

Jul 25, 2018 · Local

Breaking news from Laredo, TX.

LAREDO, TX - Independent journalist La Gordiloca has announced the termination of her bid for Mayor of Laredo. The news comes at the three month mark of her campaign.

Mayor Pete Saenz, who is seeking re-election, said he was shook when La Gordiloca first entered the race in late April. He is now showing signs of relief as the top contender announced her exit of the race earlier this week.

Laredo witnessed its most contentious mayoral race in recent history as the two public figures went head-on these past three months.

The most notable example of the clash was when Mayor Saenz claimed that anybody could do La Gordiloca's job. The mayor cruised the streets of Laredo for five consecutive nights in hopes of live-streaming gas station fights. He even set up a Facebook page where the city's top chismosos and chismosas could provide him with tips.

Election night is November 6, 2018.