Mami Chulas to Host Fundraiser For Sacred Heart Children's Home

Aug 10, 2017 · Local

Mami Chulas drive through in Laredo, TX

LAREDO, TX - In an effort to restore its public image, Mami Chulas will host a fundraiser for the children of a local Laredo orphanage in the month of August.

For every beer sold in the remainder of the month, Mami Chulas will donate 25 cents to Sacred Heart Children's Home.

"We hope that this donation will inspire the children at Sacred Heart to become entrepreneurs so that they too can one day help improve their community. That has been the goal of Mami Chulas from the very beginning -- to inspire and improve our beloved community," said the establishment's owner.

The popular beer run is once again expanding. It is currently looking for a church to build their future locale next to. They are currently accepting suggestions at