Laredo Votes Against Construction of New Castle

Nov 7, 2017 · Local

Blueprint of proposed castle

LAREDO, TX – A vote count late November 7th showed that the citizens of Laredo overwhelmingly voted against the construction of a new castle.

“The castle would’ve helped, uh, keep our city safe and secure,” Sheriff Martin Cuellar told us. “It really is a shame that Laredoans voted against this new castle. We had already made arrangements to knight our guards in order to boost morale and, uh, inspire our citizens.”

We spoke to a local citizen who agreed with the construction of the new castle.

“This is very disappointing,” he said. “My little boy told me he wanted to be a knight one day. How am I supposed to tell him he can’t follow his dream?”

Despite of the outcome of the castle vote, Sheriff Cuellar plans to introduce a proposition in the next voting session for the purchase of tanks and drones to secure the streets of Laredo.