After Laredo Raids, FBI Discovers Stash of 'Dank Memes' in Government Computers

May 31, 2017 · Local

Breaking News from Laredo City Government

LAREDO, TX - After the raids on several Laredo government offices earlier this year, the FBI has released the initial findings of their investigation which appeared to focus on engineering firm Dannenbaum Engineering.

According to FBI sources, a stash of "dank memes" was found in several government computers. The stash consisted of memes provided by Dannenbaum to unnamed government officials. 

FBI officials released a sample of the memes found in the stash:

Laredo Mayor Pete Saenz claims to be a meme aficionado but denies any knowledge of the meme stash. “I dab in the occasional meme, but these memes are too dank even for me,” he told Faux Laredo reporters.

The FBI has yet to confirm whether or not Dannenbaum was using dank memes to win special favors in city hall.